This historic house (Sarabi Shoshtar's house) is 210 years old belonging to the Qajar period, after renovating from the beginning of 1392 as the first traditional hotel in the province of Khuzestan, its resurrection has resumed. This house has 17 rooms, 15 of which can serve the guests. The standard capacity of this traditional hotel is 32 people.
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Traditional Sarabi Hotel
The oldest traditional hotel in the southwest of the country is here. The traditional sarabi hotel is a 210-year-old building located in the heart of the city-water museum of the world, displaying an extraordinary array of Iranian art; the middle ground is one of the historic places of the Qajar period in Shushtar, This combination of Iranian Islamic art is seen in its architecture. The primary owner of the building is the Mohammed Ali Sali, a well-known family of Shushtar and Malek, the first Khuzestan power plant and the second Iranian Air Power Company, which was later purchased by Ms. Baqalpur, one of the greatest traders, and after his death by one Relatives will be restored and will begin as the first traditional Southwest hotel in the country. This historic house with the old 210 years belonged to the Qajar period, after repairing from the beginning of 1392, the glory and life of the old city (Abdullah Banu district) - and rehabilitation on the avenues and shafts of this house has There are 17 rooms in which 15 rooms can service guests.

Rooms and suites
The traditional Sarabi Hotel (Shushtar) has 15 rooms in the 2 floors of the ground floor (9th floor) and the first one (6th floor), which includes single rooms, two beds, three boards and a four-side connecting room (2 rooms in your so-called local You are so). The completion of the ground floor was completed in 1391 and the first floor of 1396. Architectural style of the rooms of both floors is related to the Qajar period. With the difference that the ceilings of the ground floor rooms are arched and tiled, and the ceiling of the upstairs rooms is in the form of a chandelier. All rooms are equipped with all amenities such as bathroom and WC, amenities including soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpicks and towels, high speed internet without interruption, LCD television, refrigerator, safe-wired bed, hairdryer, refrigerator mini bar, Fire alarm system and ... The beautiful view of the courtyard and the buggy and the blue pond with fountains and red-golded fish brings a stunning view to the rooms overlooking the courtyard.